More Interesting Highlights from New York MMA Legalization Assembly Vote - Video

      It was quite the scene in Albany, N.Y., as a bill to legalize MMA in the Empire State finally found its way to the floor for a vote.

      After eight years of denials from legislators, who voted down earlier attempts to regulate the sport, it was fitting the road to a decision was a long and winding verbal fight, showcasing arguments both coherent and nonsensical as assembly members debated the merits of MMA in New York.

      Before a vote of 113-25 in favor of legalization, there were wild rhetorical swings, with detractors going so far as to link MMA to slavery, gay porn, domestic violence and child abuse. Supporters tried to dispel misinformation and highlight the benefits, particularly insurance benefits added to the bill’s current version that offered greater safeguard to participants.

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