Fedor vs Monson Pre-Event Press Conference Video

    October 6th, 2011 -- "The Last Emperor" Fedor Emelianenko will return to action on November 20th for a fight against Jeff Monson on M-1 Global's fight card in Moscow, Russia. Looking to get back on winning ways after three consecutive defeats at Strikeforce, Fedor Emelianenko currently holds a professional MMA record of 32-4-1, with his last victory coming against Brett Rogers back on November 7th, 2009.

    Feodor, do you have a feeling of a rage when go on to fight? Can its absence influences your victories and you lose? Or you leave absolutely calm?

    - I never fought with a rage, likely its because of the concentration, that there were defeats it is first of all my fault. There were also family problems, but still I am more inclined that there were errors in preparation for my part. It happened I accept it as is. We will draw conclusions and we will go further.

    So you consider that your defeats were not systematic? Or every loss has a separate reason which isn't connected in any way with the previous defeat?

    - You know in all three fights I felt that I can win and at the last minute the chance slipped away. Felt that I can but here is how the Lord has judged that differently.

    Have you analyzed these fights?

    - Analyzed. And now we still analyze.

    You are a sportsman, a professional to the core and for certain the reasons are clear to you. Everyone is excited about this question.

    - They are clear, but I won't tell them to you.

    To Jeff Monson: for you fight with Feodor is any especial fight or just a checkpoint?

    - Yes, I wanted for a long time will meet Feodor Emeljanenko, why, because he is the best. For me it was interesting to throw down a challenge to him. This fight is really especial and I prepared for it especially. Aspiring to win.

    Feodor, whether you have changed something in the training process?

    - I will prepare for this fight in Holland with brother Alexander. There all basic work will be done.

    Feodor, everyone has noticed that you have put accent on the striking and have absolutely abandoned grappling.

    - No, it's not quite right. I still train a lot of grappling.

    Jeff, Feodor has lost the last 3 fights. Does it gives you confidence?

    - No, I consider that each fight is unique, for example last when he fought with Henderson he made an error and as to Feodor, he won against the best of the best, therefore it doesn't give me confidence. Each fight is something separate. And I prepared for it so.

    Jeff, tell us what is the secret of sports longevity of the American fighters?

    - In it there is a certain irony … but the part of my success, were my injuries. They have forced me to change the approach to trainings, concerns them more cleverly and as a result it has taught me something. If I competed in football or in other sport, probably I would finish earlier but specificity of my sports is that when you become more senior, you become especially valuable qualities.

    Feodor, Sergey Kharitonov has declared that with pleasure would consider possibility of fight with you, what do you think of it?

    - Sergey already had the possibility in Japan to fight me. Sergey didn't use it. He has lost without having reached me. I don't think that to spectators will be interesting to look as compatriots fight with each other. Besides I and my command helped Sergey much when it began.

    Jeff, do you know other fighters from Russia?

    - There was a fight with Sergey Kharitonov and with one Russian fighter. Each fighter differs, it brings to the ring something else. Each fighter is unique.

    Feodor, why is there a lot of sensation about preparation for your fights, does it provokes your defeats. Disturbs to you or not that you consist in a local lower house?

    - First I don't consist or as you have told I am registered but I work, second I certainly ask the trainers not to give interview before fights and myself I do not give them. As for the Internet, I am inclined not to read the dirt about myself, the life is already full of negative. Publicity is difficult but I try to concern people with understanding and calmness.

    Whether you overzeal with your belief in god?

    - Many started to press on me with this question, I consider that the belief in God should be. We should live it, instead of only when it's bad I will pray and when well I will not. I try to live with memory of God. It does not prevent me to prepare for fights and to defend the honor of my country

    Where will be the preparation for fight?

    - The basic work we will do in Holland. My trainers and the team will work over preparation of youth for the world championship of combat sambo and I with the brother will leave to prepare for the duel.

    Whether you plan to continue performances in combat sambo?

    - Sambo for me is my main martial art, it has given a lot to me, I came therefrom. If I won't have overlays in the schedule, I will necessarily participate in a following championship of Russia.

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