Deadliest Warrior Season 3 Episode 6: Teddy Roosevelt vs Lawrence of Arabia - Video

    August 24th, 2011 -- On this week's Deadliest Warrior, two of the greatest warriors of the early 20th century go head to head as Teddy Roosevelt takes on Lawrence of Arabia!



    Theodore Roosevelt
    Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt was born in 1858 to a wealthy family. Having asthma, he was home schooled. However, once attending Harvard he started boxing and showed an interest in naval affairs as he went on to publish The Naval War of 1812 in 1882. After University he ran a cattle ranch but soon returned east to perform the duties of the Assistant Secretary of the Navy. During his stint, The Spanish-American War broke out and wanting to ensure that American power was felt overseas he promptly resigned his naval position and summoned a group of statesmen, cowboys, and Harvard Alumni alike to accompany him to Cuba to take the fight to the enemy. This conglomerate group of men, officially known as the "First U.S. Volunteer Cavalry Regiment", but became affectionately known by the press and general public as the "Rough Riders". Roosevelt quickly rose through the ranks as leaders and men alike fell gravely ill (the good Doctor will explain on the show). Being now a full Colonel, Roosevelt led the entire regiment of Rough Riders. Under Roosevelt's leadership, the Rough Riders successfully charged up two enemy fortified hills in one day. On July 1, 1898 Roosevelt led the Rough Riders under cover of the great Gatling Gun up both Kettle Hill and San Juan Hill. Mack will take you through the strategy used by Roosevelt and the Rough Riders that fateful day in detail during this week's "Chalk Talk".

    After returning from Cuba, Roosevelt was elected Governor and within two years, he was elected Vice President of the United States. Then in 1901 when the current president was assassinated Roosevelt became the 26th President of the United States. At the age of 42 he was the youngest of any other President in history. He coined the term "speak softly and carry a big stick" and was the first American to win the Nobel Peace Prize. This man's accomplishments continue but these are the major ones that are most relevant to this week's show. Wow!

    Lawrence of Arabia
    Thomas Edward Lawrence was born illegitimately to a governess on August 16, 1888. Lawrence goes on to study history and archeology graduating with First Class Honors. During the last summer prior to graduation Lawrence completed a three-month walking tour of crusader castles in the Ottoman which he travelled over 1,000 mi (1,600 km) on foot. So, when we say he is an extremely fit individual we mean it. Continuing his education after college he picks up seven languages showing his incredible capacity for communication. Lawrence finds employment as an archeologist in the Middle East. However, at the outbreak of WWI Lawrence is contracted by the British Military to perform a covert military survey of the Negev Desert under cover of performing archeological research in the same area. Since Lawrence had gained such an extensive knowledge of the Ottoman Empire geographically during his travels and archeological research he was eventually posted to Cairo on the Intelligence Staff for the Middle East. Lawrence is most famous for the successful battle of Aqaba and again Mack will take you through the tactics that were used during this fight that almost ended Lawrence's life not by a bullet BUT by a fall from a camel. Ironically, Lawrence died at the young age of 42 after just leaving the service as he fell from his motorcycle after swerving to avoid two children on their bicycles.

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