Deadliest Warrior Season 3 Episode 3: U.S. Army Rangers vs North Korean Special Operations Forces - Video

    August 3rd, 2011 -- Can the U.S. Army Rangers outgun the North Korean Special Operations Forces? Find out when Deadliest Warrior goes live for the first time at 10/9c with Special Guest Strikeforce Middleweight Fighter Tim Kennedy!


    U.S. Army Rangers
    Due to the "protected" regime under Kim Jung Il and his predecessors, little is known regarding North Korean Special Operations Forces. From what I could find through non-vetted sources there are about 200,000 Special Forces operators in use by North Korea and their primary mandate is to breach the defenses of the South and conduct strategic reconnaissance in preparation for war. Hence, they seem obsessed with obtaining control of the Korean peninsula, are therefore familiar with that terrain, and highly specialized but may lack what Mack would call operational experience.

    North Korean Special Operations Forces
    To wear the coveted Gold and Black Ranger Tab on your uniform is to say that you are not only a member of the U.S. Army's elite light infantry fighting unit but it also says that you have "explored the outer limits of the human spirit" according to Ranger Robert Black. The Ranger Tab also says that you are prepared to become mobile and operational in any climate that God's green earth can muster in less than a moment's notice. Other than this I'm not going to give you a rundown on the U.S. Army Ranger's. Instead I'm going to give you a brief on the experts that came on our show to represent the Rangers as their lives and personalities embody what it means to be a Ranger and what I learned from them is that Rangers, truly, lead the way.

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