Top 5 Biggest Rivalries in the UFC

    In fighting sports, it’s normal to have rivalries occasionally. Associations even relish in them since it brings in a lot of money because of the hype and the number of people wanting to watch the conclusion of the rivalry. s article is the top 5 biggest rivalries in UFC. The UFC itself has been the epicenter for some of the greatest rivalries in fighting sports, and we’re here to talk about them. Let’s start.

    Jose Aldo vs. Chad Mendes

    Jose Aldo versus Chad Mendes is a classic fight between a striker and wrestler, which has been a massive point of debate for a long time among fans and experts alike. Their fight has left an indelible mark in the history of UFC. Aldo is a Muay Thai expert, while Mendes is a relentless wrestler, and both have captivated UFC fans during their time.

    Their first meeting was in UFC 142, where Aldo delivered a brutal knee to Mendes, making him collapse on the octagon. The fight was ecstatic, creating an iconic picture of Aldo celebrating with his Brazilian fans.

    However, that was not the end. They had a rematch in UFC 179 that lasted for five rounds. It was a brawl, and both fandoms were thrilled that the fight alone earned the title of Fight of the Night. Aldo won the fight, cementing his position as one of the greatest UFC fighters ever.

    Ronda Rousey vs. Miesha Tate

    Rousey vs. Tate is perhaps one of the most iconic rivalries in the UFC. This is probably because the rivalry isn’t only contained in the octagon but also in social media. Their first fight ended when Rousey forced Tate to submit using her signature arm bar.

    However, even after the fight, the rivalry continued in social media with their bantering that caught the mainstream, popularizing both fighters. The rivalry ended in UFC 168, where Rousey showcased her grappling and striking skills, eventually submitting Tate in the third round.

    Wanderlei Silva vs. Quinton Jackson

    The rivalry between Silva and Jackson spanned three brutal fights across three organizations: PRIDE, UFC, Bellator MMA. Their first fight was in PRIDE Final Conflict in 2003, where Silva delivered a barrage of violent strikes from a Muay Thai clinch that sent Jackson through the ropes. The second fight was equally violent, with the same barrage of knees finishing Jackson.

    High-stakes fights like these often attract many fans and bettors. FanDuel sports betting and other gaming sites capitalize on the hype. The fight between the Axe Murderer and Rampage was resolved at Bellator 206. With a flurry of punches, Rampage ended the rivalry via TKO.

    Connor McGregor vs. Nate Diaz

    Of course, with how McGregor loves to trash talk, you’d eventually see him in this list. The rivalry between Diaz and McGregor was unprecedented. Diaz stepped in on short notice to face McGregor in UFC 196. The ending was shocking for everyone as Diaz submitted the seemingly unrelenting McGregor.

    The defeat fueled McGregor’s redemption and continued to UFC 202. The fight lasted for five rounds, concluding in a decision. McGregor emerged victorious via majority decision. However, the rivalry is still strong with their back-and-forth trash-talking, which only intensified their rivalry.

    Conno McGregor vs. Khabib Nurmagomedov

    Before their only fight, Connor was on a winning streak. He won eight of his nine fights during the time and captured the featherweight title with the fastest knockout in UFC history. Connor and Khabib had their first verbal confrontation during the weigh-in, which sparked rivalry. At that point, it only got worse.

    Khabib slapped Connor’s training partner because he insulted him to his face. This sparked tensions as Connor’s entourage of men stormed Khabib’s hotel, inviting him to fight. However, when Khabib denied the invitation, Connor’s men started throwing large objects at his bus, injuring a few fighters.

    These two would eventually square up in UFC 229. Khabib and Connor went four rounds in the octagon until Khabib put Connor in a rear-naked choke, forcing Connor to submit. Following the fight, mayhem would ensue as Khabib, taunted by Connor’s corner, jumped into their side of the octagon to fight them.

    While Connor was defending his team member, he got punched multiple times by Khabib’s cornerman. After the incident, Khabib was given a nine-month suspension along with a $500,000 fine while Connon McGregor was given six months and $50,000 fine.

    Final Words

    The UFC is home to a lot of rivalries over the years. While some rivalries are borne out of respect inside the octagon, some are more personal, with their verbal and aggressive fights on social media and outside the ring. The rivalries mentioned above are just a few of the many unforgettable ones in the UFC. With so many elite fighters in the UFC clashing nowadays, there’s sure to be another classic rivalry to come.

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