UFC Saturday: Johnson vs. Moraga

    On Saturday, July 27th, UFC on Fox 8 will mark a major event for the professional fighting community. The event will take place in Seattle, and features a number of intriguing match ups that should be closely contested and well fought. Most intriguing among the bunch, however, is the headline event, which pits reigning flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson against fearsome challenger John Moraga. So, what can we expect from this headline fight? Here's a quick breakdown.

    The Betting Odds
    It's perhaps no big surprise that the betting odds have the champ - Demetrious Johnson - out in front by a considerable margin. Currently at betfair casino, Johnson's odds of winning the fight are listed at 2/9, whereas Moraga is at 5/1. Long story short, Moraga is a skilled fighter with an impressive track records in his limited time in UFC, but the oddsmakers seem to believe he's in over his head in this one.

    Who Is Moraga?
    Demetrious Johnson is a known fighter to UFC fans, but Moraga, as the challenger, is a bit less familiar. A promising fighter out of Arizona State, Moraga is a skilled wrestler with 14 professional fights to his credit (with his most impressive win coming against Ulysses Gomez). However, Moraga has yet to fight a serious contender (let alone champion), and his most recognizable opponent - John Dodson - handed him his lone professional defeat.

    What Are The X-Factors?

    There are always a few factors outside of fighting style and history that play into a match outcome, and in this fight it would seem that these x-factors tilt in favor of Johnson. Not only is the fight in Seattle, near his home in Kirkland, Washington, but it will also be Moraga's first time on a stage this big. A home stadium and championship experience should make things comfortable for Johnson.

    Who Wins?
    Clearly, just about every indicator points toward Demetrius Johnson taking this fight to defend his title. He's closer to home, he has championship experience, he has better opponent history, and truthfully, he's the better fighter. Moraga is quick, fit and capable, and if he's able to get the fight on the ground he may have a chance to wrestle his way to victory. But the smart money is on Johnson, who is certainly good enough to prevent Moraga from exploiting these potential advantages. Johnson will win by decision to extend his reign as champion.

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