MMA Betting in UK: UFC 158

One of the grandest fight cards of the New Year is around the corner, as the UFC returns to Montreal at UFC 158: St.Pierre vs Diaz. But that doesn't mean fans in the UK can't enjoy the show as well. UK MMA Fans, what are you waiting for? Make your picks at mma betting uk now! You don't have time to waste!

The card is headlined by long-time champion and ufc welterweight superstar, the poster boy, Georges St-Pierre. He defends his belt against Nick Diaz, who he has been looking to fight for a long time. Diaz has talked a lot of smack, gotten under GSP’s skin, and now he’s finally got what he’s asked for. Will he regret his words? St. Pierre has promised a beating of a lifetime, will he finally finish?

This is a fight, mma fans around the world have been dying to see. Diaz is a heavy volume striker with excellent jiu-jitsu which will contrast with GSP's wrestling and technical striking. It will be fun to see if diaz will learn from his little brother’s mistakes against Ben Henderson; a fight that took place not too long ago.

The bout between GSP and the Strikeforce welterweight champ has been delayed so much as missed media obligations, injuries, and trash talk of numerous intensities have built the 170 lb clash of champs into a must see event, and a must-bet-on event as well.

The UFC hype machine has done its best to convince us that there is no love lost between them, but their respective personalities alone have constructed the "hero vs. villian" aura. St-Pierre talked about how dark his mind can get sometimes in all the build-up, but it's difficult to imagine Diaz's middle finger waving, and camera slapping, being outdone by GSP in any way at all.

Nevertheless, also on this card is former interim champion Carlos Condit, #1 contender Johny Hendricks, as well as a long list of other exciting fighters ready to put on a show. The main card starts at 10 PM ET, with prelims at 7 PM PT. In England, it is 5 hours behind. So UK MMA fans, sit back, relax, enjoy the bets, and enjoy the show...

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