Karate Kamil vs. Ninja Nejat - PLAY MMA GAMES ONLINE

    An Animated Two-Player Martial Arts Fighting Game with Nice Graphics, Cool Moves, and Lots of Fun!

    Description: Choose Your Player - Karate Kamil or Ninja Nejat! Use the Moves Shown Below to Defeat your Opponent. A Fun Fighting Game with Great Graphics...


    Player 1 (Karate Kamil)
    1-2 Move.
    4 - Block.
    3 - Block Down
    D - Punch.
    C - Punch Down.
    F - Kick Up.
    G - Kick Stomach.
    V - Kick Down.
    B - Head Sroke.
    X - High Kick.

    Player 2 (Ninja Nejat)
    Left/Right Arrow Keys - Move.
    Up Arrow Key - Block.
    Down Arrow Key - Block Down.
    U - Punch.
    J - Punch Down.
    I - Kick Up.
    O - Kick Stomach.
    K - Kick Down.
    L - Head Stroke.
    P - High Kick.

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